Smartfrogs is a Paris based research and marketing consultancy, specialised in strategic guidance and tactic assistance in marketing, communication, innovation and brand management.


We master the full range of qualitative and quantitative tools to create the research design that will better fit your business and address your issue.


We put semiotics and discourse analysis into practice to give the keys to a thorough understanding of cultural context and consumers’ reactions.


We stimulate your teams to draft and craft new ideas, and help to refine them through iterative recycling processes with your end consumers.


We support CMOs in addressing all their strategic issues : from creating a new brand down to optimizing an international multibrand portfolio.

Sky’s the limit.
Thanks to our international network of independent partners, we can conduct projects wherever you need in the world.


Research fuelled strategic thinking

What we believe in :

Strategic thinking must be consumer centric and imaginative, a conviction that stems from our robust experience acquired over many years spent investigating consumers and talking to clients.

A “planning mentality” must drive every project we conduct, so that, our recommendations reflect a clear perspective and a smart point of view.

And above all, efficient marketing consultancy must cut to the chase : we provide clear and concrete help for action and decision. No research nonsense, no marketing bla-bla.

who we are

A small size core team not only because Small is beautiful… but above all, because it is more flexible, quick responsive and efficient.

Jean Paul Petitimbert

strategic thinking
and brand culture
25 years of experience on the strategic reflection front first as a planning director in the advertising industry, before moving to qualitative research, JP is also a recognized specialist in applied semiotics.

alexandre didier

consumer understanding
and insight detection
Research director and semiotician, Alex has been accompanying blue chip brands for more than 15 years, on a wide scope of marketing issues from the most pragmatic to the most strategic ones.

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